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Riddle&Code introduces the HW-03 Community Program for Developers

Vienna, Austria, 7th December, Riddle&Code is officially launching the Hardware Wallet (HW-03) Community Program for developers to build innovative, sustainable solutions for Industry 4.0 and Web3. 

"Today marks a new starting point for Riddle&Code," said Dietmar Kofler, Head of Community at Riddle&Code. "After years of experience working on the interface of humans and machines with the corporate world, I'm very excited to share our learnings with like-minded people in the open-source community. The program is designed to empower developers to build on the upcoming RDDL network with as little effort as possible."

For Riddle&Code, the future is rooted in machine economies and sustainable Web3. Their goal is to give everyone access to the necessary tools to build innovations and enable a smooth transition into a more decentralized, distributed and transparent future. 

Bringing Hardware from Web0 to Web3 is the new HW-03 Community Program idea. It provides multiple software tools and a cryptographic hardware wallet, which can be attached to any kind of machine, making it highly interesting for Developers and Students in the IT industry. 

The program allows members to turn any device into a trusted data source and a wallet. Meaning to secure the machine and its data at the source. It is possible to secure connections to public or private clouds, edge computing platforms and own infrastructures. Further IoT-connected devices can be equipped with dedicated hardware wallets following a BIP39 backup scheme. The also included Sonoff Power Meter enables active interaction with home devices.

In an Early Adopter Program, Riddle&Code is handing out a HW-03 Community Kit free of charge for interested parties. The HW-03 Community Kit is a powerful combination of a Hardware Wallet, a Data Logger and a Smart Energy Meter. It is the foundation to attest machine identities and their data signals to distributed ledgers.

The Launch of the Community Program is just one part of Riddle&Code's HW-03 Community Program Roadmap for 2023, including Hackathons, Conferences and several Webinars.

About Riddle&Code

Riddle&Code is a product-led services company specializing in onboarding industries to Web3. The company is the main driver for a world of interconnected token economies by enabling sustainable, green, and resilient machine industries. Riddle&Code offers industry-specific hardware wallet solutions and software tools to build upon decentralized blockchains, mainly contributing to the RDDL Network blockchain protocol.

About the RDDL Network

The RDDL Network is a decentralized, industrial machine-powered blockchain protocol that uses a unique Proof-of Productivity (PoP) consensus mechanism that proves identity, data accuracy, and usage for all types of machines. It addresses infrastructure and standards as a whole and is designed to shape the future of interconnected token economies for the fourth industrial revolution.

More information: https://www.riddleandcode.com/community

Media contact: Christiane Rinke 

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