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Are you looking for your next business challenge? Do you want to work on challenging but extraordinary products and projects? Then you’ve come to the right place.
Riddle&Code is Europe’s leading and award-winning company onboarding industries to Web3. We develop hardware & software stacks to assist institutions, companies and individuals in mastering the challenges such as machine identity, product provenance and more sophisticated issues like cyber insurance, risk assessment, token investment systems and supply chain traceability. From developing our own microcontroller boards to tokenizing solar energy, our employees take pride in solving hard problems and accelerating transition to decentralised economy. Riddle&Code is an equal opportunity employer offering competitive salaries and a flexible working environment.

Riddle&Code Spirit

At Riddle&Code, we're not just building technology; we're reshaping the future of the web3. Our aspiration is grand, but our foundation is rooted in real values that guide us at every step.

Purpose: Why do we exist?

Onboarding Industry to Web3.

Our core purpose is to usher in the next wave of the web by introducing industries to the transformative potential of web3.

Vision: Where are we headed?

A world of interconnecting token economies, enabling sustainable, green, resilient industry.

We envision a seamless world where tokenized economies interlink industries, promoting sustainability, resilience, and green initiatives.

Mission: How will we get there?

500 Global Companies onboarded to Web3 by 2027.

Our commitment is to guide, support, and empower 500 global companies, ensuring their successful transition into the web3 ecosystem by 2027.

Riddle&Code Values







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Perks and Benefits

Build Products for a Sustainable Future

Work on developing cutting-edge blockchain and cryptography products and expand your skills.

Work in Vienna and Remote

Vienna was ranked the most liveable city for the tenth time in a row and we know there are other nice places too.

Choose your Working Environment

A modern office or working remotely – enjoy the flexible working environment.

Work with International Partners

Riddle&Code works with a diverse range of partners and clients from around the globe.

Earn a Fair Compensation

A fair compensation that corresponds to your personal qualification and experience.

Work-Life Balance

A refreshed you is a happy you! We make sure you have enough time for work-life balance and offer various goodies.

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