The first Riddle&Code contribution to the RDDL network - The physical trust layer for any kind of Blockchain (Web3) applications. Apply until January 2023 as an Early Adopter to get a premium HW-03 Community Kit free of charge.

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                                                                                                         *We can’t ship products to some countries due to international sanctions and local regulations.

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The mission of the community program is to distribute the necessary domain knowledge to future developers across the globe! Riddle & Code offers an early access program to provide core hardware and support. The hardware consists of the HW-03 Kit is the core component of the RDDL system, a powerful combination of hardware Wallet, data logger and smart energy meter. It is the foundation to attest machine identities, and its data signals to distributed Ledgers.This program is open to all interested parties (single entities, groups, and everything in between).To apply share your proposals concerning which type of machine and data source you are addressing so we can support each entrant the best way possible to connect to RDDL-network.




  • Turn any machine and device into a trusted data source and wallet & secure the machine and its data at the source.
  • Equip any IoT-connected device with a dedicated hardware wallet following BIP39 backup schemes
  • Secure connection to public and private clouds, edge computing platforms and your own infrastructure
  • Actively interact with home appliances via the included Sonoff Power Meter


  • -USB-C OTG
  • -Standard Raspberry Pi 40 pin GPIO header
  • -Gigabit Ethernet port with PoE through the official Raspberry Pi PoE HAT
  • -Full-size HDMI port
  • -Camera and display ports
  • -Two power inputs for industrial connectors (2.1mm barrel and standard 3.5mm terminal block)
  • -Micro SD card slot. only used for CM4Lite (no eMMC memory)

Manuals, Drivers and Libraries
Everything you need to start building your idea

one CAN Transponder

  • Dedicated device to unify collected sensor data and to control actuators built In Controller Area Network (CAN bus) Interface


Join multiple Webinars to learn more about new features

one SONOFF Smart Meter

  • Based on Tasmota Firmware

Connect with like-minded people to exchange knowledge and learn from each other



Community Board

Combines a RPI CM4 with an industrial carrier board to offer robust interfaces for prototyping based on strong Cryptographic capabilities

Universal Wallet Interface *Coming Soon*

An ESP32 based device to provide simple to use Hardware Wallet capabilities for prototyping

CAN Transponder

Securely Connect and gather data from any appliance or device offering Controller Area Network access

The community program is set up in phases to onboard and support the widest possible range of ideas.

See the high level roadmap below.

More details and updates will be shared via Discord and the Community Program communication channels

Phase 1

Making it real- December 2022 to January 2023

  • Early adopters can apply to the Community Program
  • R&C prepares the Kits and shipments

Phase 2

Hello World - January 2023 to June 2023

  • R&C sends out HW-03 Prototyping Kits
  • Final release of the documentation and SDKs
  • Virtual and Hybrid Community Events
  • Build3r Challenges Application - June 2023

Phase 3

Build3r Challenge - June 2023 & July 2023

  • Hybrid Event - virtual and on-premise
  • Showcasing ideas and progress

Phase n and beyond

What is your code story?

  • Challenges series and local community events

GITHUB or Gitlab account

Let us know what you have been up to so far

Personal interest

Tell us in your application what gets you up in the morning and how  a Community Kit  best support you in your endeavour

A rough idea

Let us know what you want to build

delivery address in europe*
It is necessary that you have an address where we can send you the Kit.
*Due to regulatory constraints some limitations outside of Europe may apply


ZENBRIDGE, developed by Dyne.org, RIDDLE&CODE and InfoCert, selected for phase 2 of the European Blockchain Pre-Commercial Procurement
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RIDDLE&CODE Joins the Crypto Assets Conference 2022
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RIDDLE&CODE Energy Solutions GmbH appoints Kai Siefert as Managing Director
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Product USPs
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Step 1
Minimise operational
overhead and risk
Step 2
Step 3
Step 4
Provide secure and flexible custodial services to a wide range of customers
Create unlimited secure custodial wallets for your customers. Easily deploy new wallets or recover existing customer wallets.
Achieve full account segregation for customer wallets as per regulatory requirements in several jurisdictions.
Access the real-time audit record of all transaction-related details and metadata. Export and share human-readable documents with relevant regulatory bodies and auditors.
Download Infos
Download Infos
Our solution fits custodial needs for different financial services