MYPWR Turns Machine Data into Actionable Digital Assets

Empowering Users to Drive Innovation and Growth

Your data is your power - treat it like an asset

MYPWR provides leading digital asset management solutions that enable users to create tamper-proof, universally accessible, and highly efficient digital assets from machine data, which can be used for a wide range of purposes, including investment, community building, and track&trace of supply chain data, while combining dedicated software and hardware to enable new business models and future-proof infrastructure for a more sustainable world.

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By 2030 every Smart Device Will Have an Integrated Hardware Wallet
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Classic “smart devices” only focus on monitoring and control features. Fancy dashboards are nice, but without the capability to transact, they’re just gadgets, leaving the biggest part of the value potential untapped.

With MYPWR we help you integrate a hardware wallet into your products, allowing machines to send and receive transactions, a must-have feature to build successful future technology services.  Only this allows digital ecosystems to sprout and grow,  creating a whole new customer segment for digital service providers.

My Data Is my Power!

My data is my power - treat it like an asset. MYPWR turns your data into an actual, digital asset.

Tamperproof, Efficient Universally, Accessible

Hardware-Secured Certificates and Trust Anchors

Hardware-secured certificates are an essential tool that enables comprehensive tracing across supply chains and product lifecycles. In contrast, legacy systems often lack the necessary capabilities to verify product authenticity and quality effectively. Moreover, supply chain data, including material mix, quality, and carbon footprint, is vulnerable to manipulation and alteration.

Trust anchors (TAs) address these concerns by providing a hardware-secured, highly auditable data registry for all relevant parties in a supply chain. This approach ensures the integrity of the supply chain data and enables secure collaboration among supply chain participants.

Beat the Competition with Next Generation Energy Certificates!

Energy consumers with decarbonization pressure are the rule rather than the exception - they want to know more about the product they buy!

Existing certificates are not up to the task. They lack precision concerning time, place and source of production and cannot be used throughout the complete supply chain and lifecycle of products. The landscape of existing data interfaces is highly inhomogeneous which leads to massive inefficiencies and error rates in reporting processes.

MYPWR’S hardware secured, digital certificates are the superior solution for these issues. They offer proof of time, location and source, real time traceability and cross-sector compatibility (green mobility, materials, heat, etc.) in a highly auditable manner.

Revolutionize Your Energy Services with MYPWR

Master your digital service game by using the best data interface to the fastest growing customer segment in energy! According to CE Delft, up to 89% of energy consumed by households can technically be produced by prosumers.

But prosumers don’t want their energy to be stuck at home. With MYPWR you can offer to them a multiverse of innovative services so they can carry their energy around in their pockets and spend it like a currency - for example, to charge their EV in your charging station network.

Transform your Energy into Power through Tokenization!

MYPWR empowers the kilowatt-hours, the distributed, heterogeneous, non-energy experts, the prosumers.In many regions they received the right, unfortunately they are missing the tools to participate successfully in the energy market.

MYPWR is the game changer they’ve been waiting for. Just plug-in an MYPWR energy wallet into your Smart Meter and create a digital twin of your clean energy asset. This is your identity in the digital ecosystem of clean energy so you can easily be discovered by a large number of service providers. Resulting in higher quality and lower priced service offerings.

Energy independence starts with data independence!

MYPWR helps you make the most of your smart-meter data. Plug-in our patented hardware wallet into any Smart Meter and receive trusted production and consumption data in real-time.

Let the MYPWR work for you to maximize your “self-consumption” rate - including easy integration into Smart Home solutions to control wall-boxes, heat-pumps, air-conditions and other electric devices autonomously. Add dynamic tariffs directly from the intuitive operator’s dashboard and connect external services (e.g. from accounting and billing providers) via API.

Application Suite



Maximize self-consumption with smart recommendations and smart home integration through real-time data interface to smart meters.



Promoting new financing models for green energy projects by enabling micro investments into machine NFTs.



Track the digital twin of each KWH product from source to consumption and trace its carbon footprint!


Promotes green energy projects and CO2 friendly solutions, helping organizations to reduce their carbon footprint and contribute to a more sustainable future.

Optimizes energy usage throughout multiple sectors, helping organizations to reduce their energy costs and improve operational efficiency.

Leverages and builds on secure and robust infrastructure, ensuring that data is safe and secure at all times.

Securely harmonizes energy flows across multiple parties, enabling organizations to share data and resources more effectively.

Tokenizes the machines and the energy flows, providing a transparent and secure way to track and manage energy usage, data and transactions.

Offers token-based micro-investment schemes, allowing investors to get involved in green energy projects and support a more sustainable future.

Ways to Use

Join an energy community, gaining access to a network of businesses that are committed to sustainability and green energy.

Receive real-time recommendations on when it is best to consume energy, allowing you to optimize your energy usage and reduce costs.

Asset tokenization, enabling you to invest in green energy assets and own a stake in the future of sustainable energy.

Buy fractional ownership of green energy assets, making it easier and more accessible for individuals and organizations to invest in renewable energy projects.

Track and trace your carbon footprint, providing you with valuable insights into your energy usage and helping you to make more sustainable choices.


Local energy communities and microgrids are expected to play an increasingly important role inaddressing climate change challenges and the transition towards renewable and sustainable energysystems. However, the current market structure is inadequate to realise this vision, as consumersare practically excluded from participating in energy production and settlements. Blockchain hasthe potential to transform consumers into prosumers and active participants in the energy network.

Michael Strebel, CEO of Wien Energie