Build Trustful and Sustainable Web3 Applications effortlessly with Web3 Builder Space and the RDDL Network

Web3 Builder Space is a toolbox for quickly and easily building sustainable web3 applications on the RDDL network. The platform leverages machine data to catalyze sustainable web3 development, allowing to turn ideas into fully-functioning applications. With Web3 Builder Space, you can join the web3 revolution without being held back by complex coding and building processes.

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Machine Attestation Process

Activate the capability of a machine to respond with its identity.

Proof of Data  Integrity

The first step into any kind of secure data exchange between non trusting 3rd parties — needs a CID verifier interface in RDDL Network.

Web2 → Web3 Connector

A connector that enables enterprises with account/LDAP concepts to connect and manage their machines and services around RDDL.

Coming Soon

More features will be available soon!

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