Transform Machines into Trusted Data Sources

The Web3 Builder Space (W3BS) is a developer platform for building Web3 applications on the RDDL network using physical cryptographic hardware wallets called Trust Anchors. W3BS is designed specifically for energy related applications and provides intuitive tools for rapid application development.

Unparalleled Capabilities of W3BS

Proof the uniqueness of machines and notarize the data derived from them.

Easily proof the integrity of existing datasets upstream.

Build upon the robust DePIN-capable RDDL network.

Why Choose W3BS ?

Device Management

Simplify your life! Control all your machines and prep them for the RDDL Network with a user-friendly interface.

User Authentication

Unlock seamless experiences with advanced user authentication, ensuring safe access to W3BS subscriptions and services.

Verify Data

Trust but verify! Assure the authenticity and integrity of datasets, backed by the Trust Anchor (TA) and Machine verifications, making data-sharing transparent and trustworthy.

Machine ID Generation

Give your machines a unique and secure identity.


Dive into a smarter world! Seamlessly manage your machine data and integrate it with applications.

Coming Soon

More features will be available soon!

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