New Partnership of Riddle&Code and S1Seven to Revolutionise the Metal Industry

Riddle&Code and S1Seven announced to have enteredinto a strategic partnership, combining Riddle&Code’s industry — leading blockchain interface solutions withS1Seven’s product that brings digitisation in the metalindustry — Steel But Smart.

Vienna, July 13th 2020, RIDDLE&CODE and S1Seven joined to address traceability within the complex and fragmented metal industry. Every year, only in Europe 500 steel production sites and 500.000 metal processing companies exchange around 100 million paper certificates to meet regulatory requirements for material quality documentation. While more and more machines are becoming connected to the Internet, these documents remain paper-based and non-machine readable, which has caused an increase in opportunities for fraud and negligence.

To mitigate these inefficiencies, RIDDLE&CODE and S1Seven are building a blockchain-based notarisation service for metal certificates that provide a product with a digital, tamper-proof identity and trace each step of its journey: from raw material to final application. The service allows manufacturers to replace hard copy documents with immutably storeddigital records.“S1Seven is a technology pioneer awarded for its innovation within the metal industry,” said Stefan Gruell, S1Seven’s CEO. “Partnering withRIDDLE&CODE is exactly what we need to generate industry-leading technology products.” “RIDDLE&CODE took its experience of working within the highly-regulatedSwiss banking industry and developing solutions with partners such as Daimler, Wien Energie, Deloitte, and applied it to drive digitisation to the metal industry,” said Alexander Koppel, RIDDLE&CODE’s CEO. “Our expertise in blockchain-powered hardware, software and digital identities allow us to create an incorruptible connection between the metal industry products and their quality data.”

By leveraging on each other’s strengths and capabilities, RIDDLE&CODE and S1Seven are taking the metal industry into the new era that will enable manufacturers to become more efficient and competitive on their road to Industry 4.0.

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RIDDLE&CODE is the leading European Blockchain interface company that builds hardware and software stacks and brings trusted identity to objects and people in the financial markets, energy distribution, mobility and the Internet of Things.

More information: – Media contact: Aysenur Yükselal Aji.

About S1Seven

S1Seven empowers the future of smart manufacturing by providing a digitally integrated and trustless chain of steel quality data. S1Seven was awarded with the AustrianBlockchain Award for the accomplishments regarding blockchain-based digitisation inthe metal industry.

More information: – Media contact: Irina Goronja.

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