R&C is pleased to announce a new CEO

Riddle&Code is taking the next step towards Web3 product focus and the launch of the RDDL Network with the announcement of new CEO John Calian

Vienna, Austria, 23rd August, Riddle&Code GmbH is pleased to announce John Calian as the new CEO of the company.  

"I am grateful to have been selected as Riddle&Code's next CEO. We are  an organisation led by a purpose – to onboard industrial machines to  Web3. It is a privilege to lead a team dedicated to machine-driven token  economies, enabling sustainable, green, resilient energy systems," said  Calian. "That is the mission of our company. I will do my best to serve the  team and our customers by enabling our leaders and people to do their  best work." 

This decision comes at a momentous time, as Riddle&Code evolves into a  product-led service company specialising in Web3 infrastructure and  establishing the unique RDDL Network blockchain, which provides the  cornerstones for decentralised, secure, and trusted machine economies.  Riddle&Code is preparing to be a key contributor to this network and aims  to provide the best products, services, and solutions to make this vision  flourish. 

Working with enterprise partners such as Wien Energie, Daimler Mobility, Evonik, Litebit, and Telekom Innovation Laboratories (T-Labs),  Riddle&Code has built an extensive portfolio of blockchain-powered  software and hardware products across key industry segments, highlighted  by renewable energy producers, electric vehicle manufacturers and large  scale energy storage systems providers.  

"We are at a natural turning point for the company, and John brings the  leadership and expertise needed for Riddle&Code to enter this next phase.  Our new purpose is to share our established knowledge and onboard as many industries as possible to Web3 to shape the future of interconnecting  token economies with the RDDL Network. This goes way beyond the  wildest ambitions of current token projects and energy tech companies." ~  Tom Fürstner, Founder and CTO of Riddle&Code. 

The landscape for decentralised infrastructure is rapidly changing, and  there has been an increase in demand for blockchain-based software  systems due to the ongoing shift towards Web3. This new era requires  industries to set up new operating and business models, combining old  strengths with a new way of thinking. 

Riddle&Code is now focused on being a key player in onboarding  industries to Web3 and will provide specific products and services. Co Founder and outgoing CEO Alexander Koppel will continue as Advisor to  the CEO in the future and further support the company's mission. This  announcement is the logical next step in the further evolution and  continued progress of Riddle&Code and its subsidiary companies. 

About Riddle&Code  

Riddle&Code is a product-led services company specialising in onboarding industries to Web3.  The company is the main driver for a world of interconnected token economies by enabling  sustainable, green, and resilient machine industries. Riddle&Code offers various solutions to  tailor industry-specific hardware wallets and an application suite to build on decentralised  blockchains, mainly contributing to the RDDL Network blockchain protocol. 

About the RDDL Network  

The RDDL Network is a decentralised, industrial machine-powered blockchain protocol that  uses a unique Proof-of Productivity (PoP) consensus mechanism that proves identity, data  accuracy, and usage for all types of machines. It addresses infrastructure and standards as a  whole and is designed to shape the future of interconnected token economies for the fourth  industrial revolution.

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