R&C brings traditional machines to Web3

Revolutionizing Business Models with a Blockchain for Machines: Solving the Oracle Problem with Smart Hardware Wallets and Tokenization

Riddle&Code is using the RDDL Foundation's invention, the decentralized trust anchor, to integrate traditional machines with blockchain technology. This innovative approach combines hardware and software, enabling data outputs to be tokenized and creating new business models in various industries, including energy, supply chain and tech.

The Trust Anchor can log and cryptographically convert energy output into tokens in real-time, enabling micro-investments and providing data on green energy sources and materials. This breakthrough technology has the potential to revolutionize global infrastructure by allowing individuals and businesses to transact in new markets, accurately track green practices, and benefit tangibly from tokenized incentives.

With Riddle&Code's cutting-edge solution, industries can easily bring their machines onto Web3 and take advantage of the endless possibilities that blockchain technology offers.

Riddle&Code was founded six years ago with the mission of bringing the blockchain's efficiency in managing digital assets to the physical world. The idea, says founder and CTO Thomas Fürstner, was "if we cannot bring physical assets to the blockchain, let's bring blockchain to physical assets."

Read the whole interview with Thomas Fürstner, CTO & Founder of Riddle&Code on Blockdata website, to understand the difference between centralized and decentralized structure, the advantages of a decentralized trust anchor, how it can help revolutionize the energy industry and what lies ahead.

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