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PRODUCT 01 is a solution for securing the ownership and provenance of physical goods of all kinds (as well as all associated metadata) by using blockchain technology in combination with non-removable crypto tags and a NFC-enabled phone.

PRODUCT 02 is a solution for bringing trust and transparency to the supply chain and inventory management by using blockchain technology in combination with UHF RFID Tags.

This allows for long range reading and writing with up to 200 interactions per sections.

SECURE PHONE is a highly secured, mass-produced mobile phone add-on for any kind of digital communication.

By using cryptography and blockchain technology, it enables the exchange of sensible data between humans and machines at the highest trust level offered by blockchain technology.

Redbox is an universal purpose digital identity gateway. By combining additional redbox devices scalability is ensured.

Additionally it enables corporations, governments and institution to bridge their legacy system with the decentralised blockchain network.

BAILEE is a solution for the generation, storage and usage of private keys in a secure and convenient way.

Another level of security is added by using multi-signature whereby multiple crypto hardwares is required to sign off on a given digital crypto asset exchange.

IoT GATEWAY is a solution for allowing smart devices with a unique tamper-proof digital identity, securing the data, the exchange of data and provide all the necessary infrastructure for M2M and IoT payment settlement.

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