ZENBRIDGE, developed by Dyne.org, RIDDLE&CODE and InfoCert, selected for phase 2 of the European Blockchain Pre-Commercial Procurement
March 17, 2022

Vienna, March 17th, The consortium formed by Dyne.org, RIDDLE&CODE and InfoCert has entered the second phase of the European Blockchain Services Infrastructure (EBSI) project and will receive support to further develop and test its multilayered blockchain stack ZENBRIDGE. Led by the European Commission and 29 member countries that collaborate as a European Blockchain Partnership (EBP), EBSI aims to develop highly secure and compliant cross-border public services on a European level.

This involves overcoming gaps in the existing blockchain applications and delivering more demanding solutions that reduce environmental footprint and comply with EU legal frameworks such as the GDPR. The second phase of the project was launched on December 20, 2021, and will run until the end of June 2022. Some use cases include management and exploitation of data, tracking of digital records and the rights associated with them, automation of tasks through smart contracts and development of incentive models through tokenization of both physical and digital assets.

ZENBRIDGE, a state-of-the-art decentralized system, offers distributed, secure execution of smart contracts and is integrated with blockchain frameworks such as BigchainDB, PlanetMINT, Ethereum, Hyperledger Fabric, Hyperledger Sawtooth and Bitcoin. The system is designed to deliver high-velocity performance, ensure sustainability and provide superior levels of data sovereignty as well as interoperability between various blockchain networks and legacy systems.

During this second phase, research and development results will be lab- tested. Based on these outcomes, a minimum of three projects will be selected for the final Phase (2B), which will run for an additional 12 months and result in real-world field testing.

Quotes from the consortium members:

Thomas Fürstner (Founder & CTO, RIDDLE&CODE):
“The expertise of our consortium will hopefully convince the European Commission to make use of blockchain technology as a multipurpose tool to secure both the value of digital assets and data. At the ‘layer zero’, RIDDLE&CODE will work to connect productive machines and sensors with the security of banking-grade backends. This will allow us to establish trusted digital product passports for physical items in motion across Europe and ensure compliance with the European regulatory frameworks in a transparent way.”

Denis “Jaromil” Roio, (Founder and CTO of Dyne.org): “In our success within the EBSI procurement process, we see a big opportunity to provide the European ICT industry with environmentally sustainable solutions that are free and open to community-based adoption models. We leverage cryptography beyond some common financial sector use cases, making it easy to retrofit and recycle legacy infrastructure. Our solution is free from the speculation and waste of crypto-markets, supports computation on low- power embedded hardware and supports future-proof building blocks that are quantum-resistant. With the ZENBRIDGE stack, a developer can go from a smart contract to a ready-to-use wallet app implementation for
digital product passports in a week.”

Carmine Auletta (Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer, InfoCert - Tinexta Group): “We’re pleased with the results achieved by the consortium in Phase 1 and proud of the support and trust placed in us to further develop the project in its second phase. Distributed Ledger Technologies will play an important role in the EU digital market and a key component to their market uptake will inevitably be played by their Governance & Trust Framework. Our consortium partners have demonstrated extraordinary technical expertise in distributed ledger technologies, while InfoCert has very distinctive experience in creating Trust Frameworks. Joining forces has proved crucial to ZENBRIDGE’s success.”

RIDDLE&CODE is Europe’s leading company for blockchain interface solutions. The company develops hardware and software stacks that combine the security of smart cards with blockchain and the Internet of Things (IoT). Together with its tier-one clients and partners, which include Daimler Mobility, BMW, Wien Energie and leading Dutch crypto exchange LiteBit, RIDDLE&CODE brings new business models to the fintech, energy, mobility and materials industries.

About Dyne.org
Dyne.org is a non-profit foundation dedicated to free and open-source software and community development with 20 years of expertise in developing applications used worldwide. With the motto “we are free to share code and we code to share freedom”, its projects include independent streaming software for free speech, privacy tools for activists and GNU/Linux distributions.

About InfoCert
InfoCert, Tinexta Group, is the largest European certification authority, active in over twenty countries. The company provides services in digitisation, eDelivery, Digital Signature and digital preservation of documents and is an accredited AgID digital identity operator in the area of SPID (Public System for the management of Digital Identity). The company holds a 60% stake in CertEurope, the biggest certification authority in France; a 51% stake in Camerfirma, one of the principal Spanish certification authorities; a 16.7% stake in Authada, a leading-edge German Identity Provider; and 80% of Sixtema S.p.A.




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