Kai Siefert from RIDDLE&CODE Energy Solutions joins 2Tokens Podcast on Energy Tokenization
June 15, 2022

Energy markets are becoming more decentralized. How can we realise democratised ownership of energy-generating assets and peer-to-peer exchanges? The Energy Token Working Group aims to answer this question through collaboration with a coalition of industry partners.
Kai Siefert, managing director at RIDDLE&CODE Energy Solutions and Michel Chatelin, Partner at Eversheds Sutherland joined the podcast hosted by David van Ineveld, Director of Catena Power to discuss energy tokenization from a practical and legal perspective.The following questions will be answered in the podcast:

  • Do we need to adopt ways of standardisation?
  • How do we grow and foster this innovation of tokenization?
  • How do we adapt the law to societal issues?

Listen to the podcast on YouTube or Spotify.

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