Reinventing the connected vehicle experience with Drive&Stake, a decentralised, end-to-end solution for the creation of automated mobility data marketplaces, which enables all participants to access and benefit from vehicle-generated data.
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R&C Mobility: Reinventing the connected vehicle experience with Drive&Stake
Reinventing connected
vehicle experience
Product USPs
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Minimise operational
overhead and risk
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Provide secure and flexible custodial services to a wide range of customers
Create unlimited secure custodial wallets for your customers. Easily deploy new wallets or recover existing customer wallets.
Achieve full account segregation for customer wallets as per regulatory requirements in several jurisdictions.
Access the real-time audit record of all transaction-related details and metadata. Export and share human-readable documents with relevant regulatory bodies and auditors.
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Download Infos
Share the data, share the value
Connect all mobility services in one ecosystem
Create an end-to-end integrated ecosystem of mobility services, vehicles and surrounding infrastructure. Facilitate transactions automatically with RIDDLE&CODE’s plug-and-play utility token and connect with other tokenized ecosystems.
Get a strategic advantage powered by data
Gather real-time data, in a privacy-preserving way, to meet specific business needs. Proactively diagnose and address potential issues. Uncover new data sources from all facets of the business and seize new opportunities.
Boost customer engagement and loyalty
Deliver a personalised and engaging user experience using insights from data. Combine personal information with vehicle usage and environmental information to gain a better understanding of your customers. Establish a sense of confidence and trust through security-rich performance and data privacy.
Product Features
To achieve their full potential, mobility services of the future require innovative approaches and technology
Liberating vehicle-generated data
Confidential PID enables the extraction of vehicle-generated data without revealing the actual path to them and gives control on how these data will be accessed and used.
Car Wallet Extension
A dedicated hardware wallet with a built-in Secure Element that provides the vehicle with immutable identity and signs generated data.
Policy Engine
Cryptographically protected rules defined by service providers and drivers. These rules govern and control all aspects of token management, from creation to distribution.
Confidential Keystore
A cryptographically secured component within the Trusted Execution Environment that stores keys, signs transactions and manages user wallets.
Data Markets
Blockchain-powered data markets for selling, buying or trading vehicle-generated data. By sharing the pre-configured data with these marketplaces, a driver can be rewarded by third parties, which use this data for services and research.
The joint journey towards the future of mobility
Service providers
Access a broader customer base, perform real-time settlement of liabilities and monetise data to add new products, business models and services to your portfolio.
Unlock and access consumers’ data in a secure, transparent and auditable way, without revealing industry secrets.
Enjoy enhanced customer experience and collect reward tokens for staking, using third-party services, and swapping or exchanging for fiat currencies.
our partners
Compelling use cases
Enhanced Pay-as-you-drive
Pay-as-you-drive/Pay-how-you-drive services. Optimise insurance telematics with dynamic parameters such as driving behaviour, place, time or distance. Minimise risk of damage and reduce insurance costs through incentivised behaviour. Launch new, data-driven products and services.
Networked parking for car sharing.
Ensure business continuity with up-to-the-minute parking availability, pricing and special offers. Automate billing and paying processes and reduce administrative burden through decentralised data management.
Sustainable EY battery management.
Accelerate transformation to more sustainable mobility solutions and develop new revenue streams through V2G technologies and P2P trading. Mitigate emission risks by allowing energy systems to balance increased levels of renewable energy. Get valuable input for battery development.
Incentivised mobility patterns
Manage dynamic and complex incentivisation models to reach targeted tax incomes and emission levels. Minimise traffic congestion by incentivising commuting slots. Reward energy-efficient driving style.
Our solution fits custodial needs for different financial services
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