Become the pioneer in your industry sector and build new scalable, robust, secure business models in Web3 to succeed in Industry 4.0.
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Suitable for many industries and the different units of enterprises, R&C offers an innovative, 3-month program for your in-house strategists & technicians to onboard themselves and your organization to Web3.

ZENBRIDGE, developed by Dyne.org, RIDDLE&CODE and InfoCert, selected for phase 2 of the European Blockchain Pre-Commercial Procurement
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RIDDLE&CODE Joins the Crypto Assets Conference 2022
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RIDDLE&CODE Energy Solutions GmbH appoints Kai Siefert as Managing Director
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The approach of Riddle&Codes is to provide you with an easy way to Web3. All you need is a motivated team of developers and strategists. Either a Linux, Windows or Mac operating system with at minimum 2 GHz processor, 8 GB RAM, 10 GB free hard disk space and some essential text editing software.

3 month web3 Training
Receive top notch education by our experienced R&C experts

12 month toolchain

Get access to our software-as-a-Service products to build your idea

hw-03 Hardware wallets
Attach R&C hardware wallets to your Proof-of-Concept Machine


               HW-03 ENTERPRISE PHASES

The online program consists of several 4-hour sessions during the first 3 months and first 3 phases. Afterwards, you have 9 more months to complete your idea with the R&C experts.

Onboarding Phase

Riddle&Code experts will get you up to speed in decentralized systems, especially the RDDL Network, explain how to connect your machine with a hardware wallet and show you what you can enable with a proof-of-productivity consensus mechanism.


Envisioning Phase

Relevant and practical applications will be delved into using the newly understood fundamentals. Integral benefits from using RDDL such as heightened data integrity and tokenisation will be central to discussions, although there is scope to include any number of Web3 technologies when deemed suitable.


Hands-on Phase

Theory becomes practice as the HW-03 wallet or more will be connected to the test systems. Data integrity checks and processes can be demonstrated using real-world data to highlight the performance of the network. This knowledge is crucial to help understand real-world performance and how it tallies with target systems.


Proof-of-Concept Phase

R&C experts will spend time here to plan your desired outcome, ensuring the major metrics are defined to guide development, which will span the remainder of the 12 months. The end goal is for you to fully understand how the systems integrate and what is required to function and develop further. Additionally, you will have access to our high-end Software-as-a-Service portfolio, the toolchain, where R&C is continuously launching new services and components designed for Web3 and the RDDL Network.



New business models for financing and reward systems
Non-manipulable data directly from the machine itself, leading to trust and traceability.
New (crowd-)financing options for machines through tokenization
Real asset-backed tokenization of machines - this is key to incentivize energy efficient usage of vehicles
Sharing data within and between industries without revealing sensitive data
Flexibility and efficient applications on the Linux platform

  • ‍Rapid development of Web3 applications with a low-code approach.
  • Access to a professional software toolchain for the HW-03 Wallet and the RDDL Network.
  • Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) framework compliance
  • Enabling machines with secured autonomous transaction capabilities
    Reliable data quality and higher monetization potential.
  • Enables interoperability with sectors like Energy, Mobility, Insurance and many more


  • Flexible, secure, Linux Yocto Os, developer ready
  • A built-in HSM Crypto Hardware Wallet enabling M2M, crypto transactions and data attestations.
  • An isolated, secure vehicle module developed for pro-automotive users.
  • HW-03 Wallets are designed as a reference platform for mass manufacture.
  • Plug & Play access to vehicle CAN OBDII data including on-board GPS and motion tracking.
  • Provides a tamper-proof ID and signs off all data.
  • Access to LTE, WiFi and BLE communications interfaces.

  • Over-the-Air update support

Industry Wallet

Community Wallet

Energy Wallet

Mobility Wallet


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Product USPs
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Step 1
Minimise operational
overhead and risk
Step 2
Step 3
Step 4
Provide secure and flexible custodial services to a wide range of customers
Create unlimited secure custodial wallets for your customers. Easily deploy new wallets or recover existing customer wallets.
Achieve full account segregation for customer wallets as per regulatory requirements in several jurisdictions.
Access the real-time audit record of all transaction-related details and metadata. Export and share human-readable documents with relevant regulatory bodies and auditors.
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Download Infos
Our solution fits custodial needs for different financial services