Learnings from content security to help IoT

With IBC, Europe’s largest broadcast trade show, coming up this week, I’d like to take a moment to explore some of the links between content, telecoms, IoT and security. I’ll look into whether Blockchain might fit into the picture by bringing trust.

An optimistic view on the token economy.

I've led some exciting projects in my career, but I’ve never been as enthusiastic as I am now, running a company at the forefront of the emerging token economy. By building the infrastructure to support new marketplaces, we laying the grounds for the economy of everything.

Hardware-Based Blockchain Car Wallets To Enable Future Mobility Solutions

Car sharing and vehicle fleet management are taking ever-new forms. Start-ups and Uber are flooding our city centres with electric scooters and bikes, while autonomous vehicles are just around the corner.

A Field Report: the empirical (sales) reality of the 2019 industrial Blockchain markets

Three verticals are emerging in front for DLT adoption: Fintech, then Mobility and Energy. The only substantial horizontal layer is track and trace for supply chains

How Blockchain-as-a-Service can make more Enterprise projects feasible

If you have been eyeing a blockchain-based project for a while, looking for your company or yourselves to get involved, but held back waiting for (1) manageable risk and (2) visible short-term ROI, then this post is for you.

EU-Commission preparing Europe to lead the way on Blockchain technology with INATBA initiative

We’re proud to be among the founding companies and organisations of INATBA, the EU Commission-backed blockchain initiative. INATBA stands for International Association for Trusted Blockchain Applications.

Beyond proving authenticity, Blockchain rekindles relationships between consumers and luxury brands

Securing authenticity and provenance was always a given when introducing Blockchain to the sales process of luxury goods, but the new opportunities it brings to develop more meaningful relationships between brands and consumers are only just beginning to be understood.